Monique Massabki, the creative force behind Urban Contessa, comes from a long line of crafters and developed a love of sewing as a child working at her mother's side.

Her unique Urban Contessa designs evolved from humble roots when, bored of standard colours and sizes Monique would sew her own pencil cases using leftover fabric from her mother's stash.

As we all know, often store-bought items aren't quite the right size, colour or shape. "I wanted placemats that were just a little bigger and a little heavier, so I made my own. Everyone loved them and wanted their own set. Suddenly, I was a cottage industry!" says Monique.

Monique's ability to re-invent common household items into more fashionable practical versions of themselves is what makes Urban Contessa stand out from anything you could purchase from a store. The quality of the materials she uses, and the care that goes into the creation of every product she sells is what sets Urban Contessa apart from many other companies selling handmade goods.

Come see what we mean and discover your inner Contessa.